Stone Front Garage

Are you looking to add natural stone to your custom-built garage? Then this example, of a recent 24×24 detached garage with a natural stone front will be worth your viewing. This is the perfect residential garage to stand the test of time and the test of any major storm!

Does Having a Stone Garage Up Your Property Value?

Many of our clients in Eastern Pa and Maryland, when looking to add stone added to the outside of their custom garage, ask the same question. Will this increase the value of my home? Here are some of the reasons why adding natural stone to your custom garage will help to add value to your home:

  • Natural stone is long-lasting and more durable than other materials used to create garages.
  • It is easy to care for
  • It will never go out of style and always look polished and put together
  • It is energy efficient. It is said that the thermal inertia found in natural stone can help to maintain temperatures in your home so that it might save you money on your heating and cooling bills!
small detached custom garage with stone siding

Professionalism, Courtesy

On or about September 2010, it was my pleasure to work with the crew of A&E Builders, Bird-In-Hand PA . They possess a rare combination of professionalism, courtesy and quality workmanship. You are invited to contact me for additional comment.

To view a slide show of the jobs they completed for me, you are invited to go to the following Address:

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— Rocky Proprietor, PA

A&E Builders LLC - 550 Beechdale Rd. Bird in Hand, PA, 17505

(717) 278-0224 (717) 419-4885 (717) 656-0648

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