Custom Built Home In West Chester

This gorgeous custom built home is located in West Chester, PA. Coming in at around 3200 sq feet, this spacious home is a great place to build memories with family and friends and to host get-togethers. It’s home builders like A&E builders that can work with clients on what their dream house is and make that into a reality.

Advantages of Custom Built Homes

As you have been going through many of our custom-built homes and garages, many of you may be wondering what the advantage is to selecting a custom build over a modular home build.  For a custom-built home, there are many options you have that modular homeowner does not. For example, with a custom-built home, you can,

  • Customize the outdoor appearance to your personal preference
  • Can create and strategize your home floor plan
  • Choose the materials that are purchased to create your home
  • Have a better overall value when purchasing your home and for selling that home in the future
large three story custom home with attached grage

Speed & Great Worksmanship!

I don’t think the garage could of went any better. The speed of your crew, the great workmanship, and the pleasant demeanor, made this long awaited project even more exciting to see unfold.

— Roy Vollmer, Maryland 2015

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