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Garage Plans – Ours or Yours

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You’ve spent plenty of time imagining what your perfect garage would look like, time for a plan.

Now you’re in the stage of finding garage plans that fit your space, needs, and budget.

Looking for additional storage, a small workshop space, and the room for a new car?

Look No Further.

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All it takes to get started building is submitting them to your towns zoning board. Now is the time to put those garage plans into action! It’s the time of the year everyone in the market is thinking, I need that garage built by the holidays. Stop stressing out about where to store gifts and revel in some easy living with your new expanded storage space. Maybe add a room on top for housing relatives for a long weekend, you will thank yourself for getting the ball rolling. Want a complete custom design, we do that too.

Creating Your Garage Plans

We have approved architectural plans for many types of garage designs; along with associates that can draw up fast custom models that will get quick approval.We recommend creating a must have list along with a budget and then give us a call. We’ll come out and check out your property and give you some great advice on what can work with the space you have to build on. A&E builders has been in the business of designing and building custom garages for many years and it shows in our skilled craftsmanship. We don’t just build garages we also do large custom homes, barns, exterior trim work, but our pride and joy is garage building.

Custom Designed Garage Plans

Depending on the amount of space you have to build, your budget, and purposes of use; many times a custom design would likely be what is needed. A custom garage is a one of a kind way to show your signature style based on individual needs. Outdoorsy-type family? Think about the bonfires and memories, we can incorporate hardscaping and exterior entertainment areas easily into your garage addition. A garage with breezeway allows for easy walks from your vehicle parking into your home in bad weather, while also creating another protected outdoor space for everything from grille storage to a place for kids to play.  Racecar (or minivan) enthusiast? The classic 3 car garage may be perfecct for you. Just remember- any details that your imagination can build, so can we.

Decades of Experience in Kit Garages to 8 Car Super Garages

We know that your garage serves as much more than just an additional four walls on your property. Your meticulously planned garage can be the solution to one or many of life’s little problems or milestones. Whether you are taking up a new hobby or your teenager just got their first car, rest assured that a little extra garage space will go a long way.

If you have questions about expanding a current garage or figuring out where to put a new one, we can help. A&E builders are experts at the grading process. Our contractors will put the needed time and effort into grading your driveway or yard to make sure everything is level and that water runoff is controlled. Check out our testimonials page to see what our satisfied clients have to say.

If you are feeling a little stuck on design ideas, check out our catalog of client garages. These projects are our pride and joy and sure to shed some creative light for your own backyard.

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