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Full Custom Garage

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Are you in the market for full custom garage? Look no further A&E Builders. We are the go to full custom garage builder in Southeastern PA. We even travel to New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Full Custom Garage – Where to get started?

The first thing we ask our customers when they are looking to build a full custom garage is what is the major need you are trying to fulfill. Garages are typically built for storage, but many have multiple other uses. When looking at a fully customized garage package – knowing your needs upfront can dramatically improve the efficiency of the design process.

  • Is vehicle storage your primary concern or do you really need a workshop?
    • If a workshop space is really your goal for you garage adding a space for tools and shelving is ideal. Why suffer at the hands of the elements when you can both fit your vehicles in and have room to work on a project at the same time.
    • Do you need upgraded power systems for certain tools or plumbing hook-ups for your projects? It is much easier and cost effective to install systems in wall while building than to retrofit once complete. Let us know your plans for the future and we can rough in the necessary components to make life easy.
  • Is storage of large seasonal items or plants part of your garage plan?
    • We can add secondary access and window features that make storage quick easy and effective. Why fight jumping over your storage for three seasons when a second set of stairs or a side storage enclosure could make your garage twice as functional.
    • We can incorporate in garage greenhouses for seasonal storage or grow-rooms for your veggies into your build – just let us know what your looking for.
  • ¬†Are you a shade tree mechanic ready to get a more professional setup to work on your classic car project.
    • Full custom garages built by A&E Builders will save you money, but getting the right design and layout will make your auto projects so much more enjoyable that you’ll find yourself wishing you did this years ago.
    • Without a dedicated space for your project setup and cleanup times become half the battle in the garage. Make sure you think out what you really need and get the setup that will maximize your time doing the wrenching cleaning up the kids toys from around your bench.
  • Need an auto lift in your garage?
    • Check out Mohawk lifts – One of many distributors of affordable consumer and professional grade lifts.

Full Custom Garage – Is it much more expensive than a kit?

While a pre-designed kit garage is usually cheaper than a full custom garage, adding on and trying to make do with the wrong setup will cost more in time and stress than building the right structure for your home the first time. We started as garage kit builders in Lancaster County and moved into customizations very quickly. A&E Builders started because of the need for price point performance with customization; that’s what we do! So while you may spend a bit more designing a custom garage, we know how to fit your budget and get you the options that will benefit your specific needs.

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