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Custom Car Garage, We Can Help!

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Give Your Car(s) the Home They Deserve. Are you still parking your car(s) out in the yard?


Are the elements having their way with your family van or prized collectible(s)? Have you got your eyes on that old classic, but don’t have the garage space to comfortably work on it? Give your automobiles a much-needed shelter with a custom car garage from A&E Builders. For more than a decade now, our team of three brothers have been building high-quality, affordable and customer-designed custom car garages. These garages are built with world-renown Amish craftsmanship by our family-run company. We have become the go-to business for custom car garage construction in our area, and have many happy customers and cars all over Southeastern Pennsylvania. We even travel to New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland to get customers the custom car garage of their dreams.

One Car, Two Car, Three Car….Even Five Car

Here at A&E Builders, we have built custom car garages of many different sizes and styles. Just need a small, humble, one-car custom car garage to keep your family vehicle out of the elements? We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, a three or four car garage with a stone or log cabin facade in the front could be just what you need. Most of the garages we build are two-car garages at residential sites, but we have done single car garages, too. With three or more car bays, you will have even more room for storage and project space. So give a lot of thought as to what hobbies you would like to pursue – or what seasonal recreation equipment you would like to store – in your new custom car garage.

A Custom Car Garage for Every Need • Custom Car Garage

Custom Car GarageTired of getting soaked while parking your car in the driveway and running into the house? We can build garages with breezeways leading to your main building. Or is visual aesthetic the driving force in your decision to build a custom car garage? We specialize in building classic farmhouse-style garages which add an attractive rustic feel to your property. As Amish brothers, we understand how a little country style can really make the difference in boosting curb appeal.

If your custom car garage is going to double as workshop space, do you need upgraded power systems for certain tools, or plumbing for a bathroom or utility sink? We build these right into the walls, saving you the money and the hassle of having to retrofit once the garage is finished. Share you plans with us – let us know what your are looking for – and we will take it from there. As always, customer satisfaction and a well-made product are what keep our customers coming back year after year!

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